Behind the Scenes: The School of Styling Charleston

image by the fabulous Blue Barn Photography

I don’t even know where to begin with a recap from The School of Styling: Charleston! To sum it up in one word: incredible. Kaitlin, the founder of TSOS and a dear friend of mine, outdid herself to create a truly epic week of learning, styling, community, beauty, encouragement, inspiration, and hands-on learning and guidance from the best, all in the beautiful setting of low-country Charleston and Middleton Place. I loved that this experience was more wedding-focused that the past schools have been, since I’m in the wedding industry and love it so much. It was truly an honor to assist Kaitlin behind the scenes, along with a couple other marvelous ladies, to make The School of Styling happen for the attendees and so that they had the best experience possible. The three days were filled to the brim with all the good stuff, and boy was it good. It was such a blessing to be there – to work alongside Kaitlin and our team, to be able to lend my design + style eye, to meet the absolutely phenomenal speakers, to get to know the sweet-as-can-be attendees, to soak in the beauty of Middleton Place + The School of Styling, to learn from some of the best in the business, to hustle, and to see so much beauty spring to life throughout the entire week. I cannot recommend The School of Styling enough!

Day One highlights:

early morning wake-ups and tons of set-up  seeing the room transform right in front of our eyes

the anticipation of the attendees arriving + getting to meet the ladies of TSOS Charleston

meeting Carol Hannah, Corbin Gurkin, Krista Janos, Amy Osaba, & Jessica Rourke – all total rockstars (#fangirl)

amazing + enlightening sessions from Kaitlin Holland, Krista Janos, & Jessica Rourke (seriously the most awesome speakers!)

lunch outside with the sheep

garden tour of Middleton (and seeing a peacock, swans, an alligator, chickens, a rooster, horses, a pig, and so much more!)

an absolutely breathtaking double rainbow over Middleton Place

speed dating cocktail hour

late night pizza party with the girls – hilarious, late, amazing night!

Day Two highlights:

more amazing sessions from Kaitlin, Corbin Gurkin, Krista Janos, Carol Hannah, Amy Osaba, and Jessica Rourke

fried chicken + biscuits for lunch, outside with the sheep + the peacock

styling invitation suites with Krista Janos and getting to help the attendees

getting to see all of Carol Hannah’s wedding dresses and chatting with her (I used one of her gowns in my June styled shoot!)

creating centerpieces with Amy Osaba – such talent!

taking the adorable trolley into Charleston for the Moon & Lola cocktail party

pink cocktails, pineapple necklaces, and lots of laughs during the cocktail party

dinner at Rarebit with some lovely ladies

another late night of laughter with the girls

Day Three highlights:

 an absolutely amazing + exhausting day completely filled with countless amazing moments

helping all of the attendees select a wedding gown, veil, jewelry, and accessories for their styled shoot

getting to meet some fabulous photographers like Sawyer Baird, Jodi Miller, & Perry Vaile

working with the talented hair & makeup artists + the gorgeous and spunky bridal models

bouquet design with Amy Osaba

several straight (hot!) hours of styled shoots all around the property of Middleton Place with the marvelous stylists, photographers, and models – so much gorgeousness! so much inspiration! so much talent!

Carol Hannah thanking me for my optimism, joy, and help throughout the week

baby wipe “showers” for all of the assistants

setting up for the final dinner

cocktail hour + the final dinner – a perfect culmination to an absolutely amazing & inspirational week with The School of Styling Charleston

Check out #TSOSCharleston on Instagram for so many more breathtaking images from this week at Middleton Place!

all pictures are personal iPhone photos (except the first image) – once the film scans from the incredible professional photographers roll in, you’ll be even more blown away!

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