The Road to Full Time: What I Couldn’t Do Without

One of my friends texted me last week after reading my post “seven things that just had to give” and challenged me to write a sort of counter-post: the seven things I couldn’t do without during this season of transition and going full-time. I loved her suggestion!seventhings

Without further ado, the seven things I wouldn’t cut out:

1. Quiet time and prayer – way, way too important (and too ingrained in me!) to ever cut out. Seeking out the Lord only brought me peace, hope, and faith in His timing and plan for me.

2. Diet Coke and a new-found love of coffee – can you say caffeine?

3. Giving my best in both of my jobs – really, I can’t imagine not giving my best, and I tried my absolute hardest not to let either my day job at a non-profit nor Stephanie Scholl Events suffer in any way

4. Painting my nails – silly, but true. I can’t go without having painted nails, and it doesn’t hurt that I always (always!) paint them at my desk at work first thing in the morning once a week!

5. My gratitude journal – absolutely critical (more thoughts on my gratitude journals here), and this daily habit reminded me time and time again why I’m doing what I’m doing & that the long days are so worth it. Oh – and that God is oh so faithful + full of grace!

6. Maintaining relationships & being a good sister, daughter, and friend – this is also an incredible priority of mine, and it always has been. I’m extroverted and social by nature, so it makes me happy, brings my day so much joy, and rejuvenates me to see friends and family as often a possible. And I couldn’t cut out the most important people in my life in any way! They are too, too critical to my life and they bring me so much joy, and I tried my best to continue to be the best sister/daughter/friend/etc that I could be.

7. Seeing my friends consistently and enjoying all that life has to offer this definitely ties into #6. Even if my days were go-go-go, making time to see friends is a top priority, and it always has been. Dinners/happy hours/walks/book club/small group/tennis were scheduled into every evening after work, and this time is so precious. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and these activities and friends definitely did that for me.

That was a fun counter-post for me to think about and share! It’s been a big season of transition, but it wouldn’t be worth it if I didn’t love what I was doing so much & if I didn’t maintain some semblance of balance + doing things that bring me joy. I’m also thankful to my family and friends for their patience, constant encouragement, and abundance of support and love!

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