The Road to Full Time: What Had to Give

In the midst of sharing lots of details and insight into my journey to taking Stephanie Scholl Events full time, I thought a more light-hearted post would be fun today!

Here are those little (and big!) things that I’ve had to give up on/not prioritize/let slip over the last six or so months…

seven things

1. Curling or straightening my hair.

I’m the girl who showers first thing every.single.morning. and blow dries and then curls or straightens her hair every.single.morning. I’ve done this for well over a decade… but no longer. Cramming in a few extra emails or finishing up blog posts or checking through contracts & timelines has definitely taken priority over having the perfect hair before work each morning. I still shower and blow dry my hair every morning, but the extra time involved in curling it? That’s barely happened since February!

2. Cooking meals + meal planning.

Yes, one of my goals for 2015 was to cook much more. And yes, I lasted for two months, like much of the world on their resolutions. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy cooking, but it begs me to ask… when?!? Not happening. I’ve still managed to see my various groups of friends regularly, but it’s always over dinner out or those ever-present D.C. happy hours. Trust me when I say that I’ve cooked two, maybe three, dinners from scratch since February. Guilty! I can’t wait to have ample time to cook again soon, though!!

3. Reading.

Oh, reading. I miss you so!! If you know me at all, you know how much I LOVE to read. This blog is bursting with book reviews and book recommendations, and I simply adore reading. Every year, I have a goal of reading at least 52 books, and I average closer to 75 books per year. Ohhh but not 2015. I was on a roll in January and February, but then… everything happened. I think I’ve read six books in the last five months, which is shockingly low (for me). I love, love, love to get lost in a book, but wedding planning and owning a business has certainly taken up any ounce of free time I once had. Soon, for sure!

4. Sending snail mail.

I used to be so much better at sending snail mail (birthdays, anniversaries, congrats, etc), and I’m just not quite as on top of my game these days. I did mail five cards this week, though! Progress, right?! I’m determined to get back into my usual routine of showering loved ones with fun mail, and I hope I’m forgiven for my respite of snail mail sending!

5. Exercise.

Like most of the population, it seems, my goals for the year seem to die down a little after February. And, true to form, my exercise goals did, too! January and February were good… but I have not made exercise a consistent, regular part of my routine over the last several months. I’ve had a few great runs, bike rides, and tennis matches… but I could barely think of a time to squeeze a workout in! Excuses, excuses…

6. The Bachelor.

Ha! So silly, right?! This is the only show I’ve really watched in the last many years, and it’s totally a guilty pleasure of mine (and my friends!). I’ve watched the last couple episodes, but the first half of the season? No idea what happened! Until I went out of town for vacation in late June, I’d watched maybe an hour or two of TV a month this year.

7. Sleep.

Oh, sweet sleep. You knew this had to be included on my list, right?! What business owner doesn’t sacrifice a little sleep to make it happen? Rest assured, I’m still fully functioning and getting a decent amount of sleep. But those 10:00 or 10:30 bedtimes I was so adamant about? Yeah, those haven’t happened in months!! That midnight oil is consistently burning for me, and I’m usually heading to bed around 12:30 or 1:00 every night. I have to admit, it was really reassuring to know that there was an end in sight — I know it’s not a sustainable lifestyle! I’m grateful that I knew all along that I just needed to sacrifice a few things until July, and that it was a season of extreme busy-ness.

I kept clinging to one of my favorites:

The journey (and clearly it’s just beginning, really!) to being my own boss and to working solely on this wedding planning + design business has not always been easy, but I’m so grateful for all that I’ve learned along the way! And I still have so much to learn, that’s for sure!

Anyone else out there had to sacrifice anything (big or little!) to make a dream happen? Please do share! I’m sure I’m forgetting many other things, but it’s always fun to look back and remember what you’re willing to sacrifice (a little sleep, some silly TV show, or curling your hair!) to make what matters happen!

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