Since there are a lot of new faces around here, I thought it would be fun to share some random things about me! I love getting to know the person behind the business/blog even more, and I’m hoping you do, too. And since I’m sharing more about me, I’d love to know one little-known fact about you. Do tell!

Lives in: Washington, DC (for almost six years now!) BUT moving to Raleigh, NC next month!

Has lived in: Chapel Hill, Charlotte, St. Louis, Atlanta, Little Rock, and Cincinnati. Whew. Does studying abroad in Greece count?!

Life motto: “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Brings to the table: Wedding planning, design, and styling, as well as several years of experience in non-profit education, literacy, and mentoring… and a whole lot of optimism and joy, a deep love of travel & adventures, an appreciation for Southern hospitality and genuine community, and a wealth of knowledge about books and reading!

Gets giddy about: a plethora of things! Celebrating the big and little moments of life, surprising others, gorgeous flowers and stunning sunsets, adventures in the city or in a new place, sweet tea and front porches, planning weddings and dinner parties, creating beautiful spaces, & time with my family and friends

Gets grumpy about: traffic (thank you, DC), being late, wasted time, and cancelled plans

Can be seen: cramming as many fun events into one day as humanly possible, roadtripping up and down the East Coast, reading on the metro, trying new restaurants and happy hours in the city, at the farmer’s market or a winery, and planning weddings throughout North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington, DC, and doing my best to bring more joy and beauty into the world!

Personality type: ENFJ

Blogs I love: these are my favorites!

Favorite books: I LOVE reading; it’s a huge part of who I am! Gone with the Wind, Eat, Pray, Love, To Kill a Mockingbird, East of Eden, Les Mis, Screwtape Letters, Pride and Prejudice, Pillars of the Earth, Anne of Green Gables, The Signature of All Things, The Help, Mere Christianity… I could truly go on and on! If you ever need book recs, I’m your girl!

Favorite TV shows: I’m not a big TV-watcher (I haven’t had cable since high school & don’t have Netflix/Amazon Prime/etc), but I have a couple favorites! Friends, Downton Abbey, and The Bachelor (guilty!) are really the only shows I’ll watch.

Studied: Psychology and Sociology double major at UNC Chapel Hill – go Heels!

Favorite places in the world: Santorini, Greece (and Greece in general), Italy, being at home at my parents’ house in Charlotte, Charleston, being at the lake or the beach, Ireland, visiting family in Ohio, Chapel Hill

As of today: I’m my own boss! I never imagined that would happen!!

Favorite foods: Biscuits! Chicken and waffles! Sweet tea! I’m not a Southern girl or anything… I just love a good meal (preferably with incredible food + drinks + an outdoor setting + amazing company/conversation). I also love homemade chex mix!

Favorite drinks: Diet Coke, sweet tea, margaritas, mojito with fresh fruit, iced chai latte, egg nog, champagne

Absolute favorite memories: the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, the day I got into UNC, winning the 2009 basketball national championship senior year, when I got my first job (that moved me to DC), the day my best friends showed up on my doorstep from all around the country to surprise me for my birthday, my sister and brother in law’s absolutely incredible wedding day… and everything in between!

What’s most important to me: my faith, my family, my dearest friends, and spreading as much joy and love as I possibly can

I shared “a day in the life” about six months ago, and it’s pretty astonishing to read it back now and see just how much has changed in a short amount of time!

my family is the absolute best!
UNC best friends for 10 years and counting!
many of my closest DC friends!

Your turn! I would love to get to know you a little better!!

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