Charleston To Do List

Charleston is my favorite city in all of the US, it’s safe to say. There’s just something about it that I simply adore, and every visit just gets better and better! I’m headed back to my beloved Charleston a couple more times this year: once to assist with the amazing The School of Styling and a subsequent vacation with some friends & then again in November for Creative at Heart. Needless to say, I am giddy with anticipation and excitement for both of these trips! The Holy City has a special place in my heart, that’s for sure – and even more so now.
Over the last several months, I’ve been keeping a simple “note” on my iPhone of all of the restaurants, coffee shops, stores, wedding venues, and to-do list activities while in Charleston. I’d say it’s a pretty comprehensive list at this point: it’s filled with some of my tried and true favorites, as well as definite favorites of others that I follow + trust their opinions! charleston2
Xiao Bao Biscuit
Butcher & Bee
Poogan’s Porch
Zero George
The Daily
The Grocery
Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit
Sugar Bakeshop
Butcher and Bee
St. Alban
Boxcar Betty’s
The Obstinate Daughter
The Park Cafe
Leon’s Oyster Shop
Jeni’s Ice Cream
To Do & See
the Battery
Firefly Distillery
Angel Oak tree
Rainbow Row
the waterfront + pineapple fountain
bike the Ravenel Bridge
Fort Sumter
stroll King Street
Lula Kate
Moon & Lola
Charleston City Market
Wedding Venues & Pretty Places
River Oaks
Boone Hall
Lowndes Grove
Middleton Place
William Aiken House
charleston1What do you think? Do you have any resounding opinions on any of these places? I fear that there won’t be enough meals in the days during my trips to make it to all of these phenomenal restaurants! And I am already dreaming of some wedding venue site visits… hello, gorgeous Southern charm!
Are there any other must-eat/see/do recommendations for me?

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