Wedding Advice: Wedding Week Date

romance by the seaside
Rebecca Yale Photography via Grey Likes Weddings

One of the most important tips that I always share with my engaged friends and clients is this:

Don’t forget to carve out time during your wedding week to go on a date with your fiance

And the biggest catch: don’t talk about your wedding! Actually, I think it’s awesome to talk about what excites you most about your wedding, your marriage, your honeymoon, and your excitement for all that’s to come – but I think the key is to not talk about the wedding logistics! Spend some time leading up to the wedding to take dedicated time away from the craziness, the hectic schedules, and all of those nagging last-minute to do list items to simply be. Enjoy each other’s company, remember why you’re getting married in the first place, go to a favorite date spot together (or try something new!), and soak in this unique, fleeting, beautiful season of life before the wedding. Don’t let those pestering outside distractions detract from quality time together so that you two can fully soak in and relish the last days of your engagement. Time with just each other during your wedding day is surprisingly limited, and this is an ideal chance to soak it all up and enjoy each other’s company, get some of the jitters out, and to anticipate the excitement and joy of the days to come!

What is one of the most helpful tips you’ve received about your wedding day? I would love to hear!


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