February 2015 Goals


Happy February, y’all! We’re a month into 2015, and I still feel quite on track and committed to my 2015 goals. I’ll definitely be sharing more details in the next few days on specific goals that I set & how sticking to those goals has gone. My February goals are outlined below – things that I want to be sure to achieve or accomplish to hold myself accountable throughout the year & to live purposefully and intentionally. January was full of some highs (family time, a wedding + wedding planning, and more) and a few lows (some family health news, not being able to attend one of my best friends’ weddings later this year, me being sick for a week), and I’m hoping to start February off on a rejuvenated & refreshed note. I also can’t wait to celebrate love for the entire month!
February Goals
1. Continue to track my food & go for regular afternoon walks at work
2. Read two business-related books
3. Meet with three brides about their upcoming weddings
4. Purchase a (modified) bar cart & style it
5. Renew my passport
6. Ride my bike at least four times
7. Blog about the January wedding I planned
8. Keep up with an ongoing prayer list & be better about praying before meals
9. Send Valentines to loved ones
10. Plan how I’m going to celebrate my birthday (in early March) this year – giving back or spreading joy somehow
11. Continue to work through my Power Sheets (they really take a lot of thought & time!)
Have you set monthly goals for February? I would love to take a peek at yours, if you did. I love seeing how others plan out their months, and sharing goals is empowering and holds me accountable!

4 thoughts on “February 2015 Goals

  1. Do you already have a bar cart in mind or will you be on the hunt for one this month? We are looking forward to getting back on our bikes more regularly but I need it to warm up a bit more first!!

    1. I have one in mind & am excited to finally pull the trigger soon! It’s not a typical bar cart, which I’m excited about. And man, these frigid temperatures (and a lingering cough) have prevented me from riding my bike more frequently!!

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