The Making of Gone with the Wind

Garden and Gun posted this amazing behind-the-scenes look of the making of the classic Gone with the Wind movie, in honor of the film’s 75th anniversary. Gone with the Wind is one of my VERY favorite books in the world, and it has been since I first read it in seventh grade. Getting a glimpse into the magical world of the making of this film is incredible, and I just love this feature they did! The black and white images capture the essence of the movie so well, and in many cases, so candidly. I’ve been enraptured scrolling through all of these vivid behind-the-scenes photos; I almost feel as if I was there. What an incredible, historic look at a novel and a film that has captured so much of America’s history (the good and the bad) and told such am epic, beautiful story… so many decades later!

All photos are from Garden and Gun – and I may just need to get a copy of this new book, too!


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