Wolftrap | Beauty & the Beast

I suppose I have a zest for many things in life, because I have a deep love for:

1. musicals/theater/plays

2. picnics, being outside, and picnic food

3. fun activities with dear friends

(among countless other things!) So when you combine the three, it makes for a pretty fantastic night.
I was lucky enough to receive some free tickets from work to Beauty and the Beast at Wolftrap. Wolftrap is an amazing venue – part outdoors, part covered – for theater, musicals, and performers. Part of the audience is covered (open sides) and in seats, and part of the audience is on the back lawn, where the less expensive seating is. I received close-up tickets for the show, but my friends and I definitely chose to sit on the rolling, lush lawn to enjoy our picnic and take in the show. Wolftrap is one of my favorite parts of DC, and it’s so unique and fun. The lawn is just packed with families & friends enjoying elaborate picnics, sprawling out on picnic blankets. I have a certain affinity for picnic foods (cheeses, crackers, baguettes, fruit, dips/spreads, and finger food), so I especially adore this tradition. And Wolftrap allows you to freely bring in whatever food and alcohol you’d like (save for kegs!), and I love sipping wine or sangria on the lawn.
And then the show begins! Beauty and the Beast (one of my Disney favorites from my childhood!) was absolutely amazing, and we all loved it! So many little girls were in the audience with their Belle ballgowns and Disney tshirts and tiaras on. I tried not to sing out loud to all of the classic songs, and the singing, dancing, and acting was spot on. The scenery and backgrounds were beautiful and continuously moving. Watching all of this beneath the setting sun and then the stars was pretty magical.
What was the last musical or theater performance you loved?

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