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I was recently quoted in a CNBC article, 7 of the Priciest Weddings – for Guests – what an incredible honor! I had a phone interview with the writer of this article, and it was so fun and refreshing to talk with her about weddings and my take on things. And it was equally exciting and humbling to be quoted alongside the director of The Knot and the founder of Lover.ly – hooray! It’s still a little surreal to see “Stephanie Scholl, an event planner based in Washington, D.C.” in writing. I think I like the sound of that!

CNBC article


Here’s the text from the section of the CNBC article that I was quoted in:

“Experts say the AmEx estimate of $618 to participate in a wedding might be on the low side. Khalil puts the figure at closer to $700 to $900, given the costs to help throw and give gifts for an engagement party, bachelor or bachelorette party and bridal shower.

It’s also becoming more common for couples to schedule extra events in the days before and after the wedding, particularly for a destination wedding or one in a unique location, said Stephanie Scholl, an event planner based in Washington, D.C. There might be a Thursday wine tasting or spa day, a Friday night rehearsal and a Sunday brunch. “It’s very fun, but it definitely contributes to the increased price of the wedding and the cost of attending the wedding,” she said. That kind of scheduling can require the bridal party to book more hotel nights, take more days off work, and spend more on those extra activities if the costs aren’t fully covered by the bride and groom.

Backing out isn’t easy once you’ve committed, so be sure to consider the obligations for your time and money before saying “yes,” said Winikka. “You are taking on a financial commitment,” she said. Most couples are sensitive to their guests’ and attendants’ budgets, so bring up any concerns.” -Kelli B. Grant, CNBC

MSNBC article

And two years ago, I was also featured in an MSNBC article, Friends’ Weddings Busting your Budget?. Another fun interview, for sure! To be clear, I really, truly, and deeply love weddings, and it is an honor and a privilege for me to attend all of my friends’ weddings and wedding related events. It might be expensive and I might travel all the time, but I simply adore weddings! What’s not to love? A celebration of love and commitment of two dear friends, watching a marriage begin, a reunion with best friends, great food, flowing drinks, lots of dancing, and so many gorgeous locations/venues! Though I may travel more than I’m home and though I spend a good chunk of my salary on weddings, I am not complaining – and I don’t think anyone who knows me thinks I am, either!

PS: Though this article states that I spent at least $3,000 on weddings that year, my final calculations were about 3x that – ha!

2 thoughts on “Featured | CNBC and MSNBC

  1. Congrats, Steph! You are a celebrity! And you deserve it. You are so generous to stretch your bank account to support these friends, to whom you are such a supportive friend during their non-wedding times too.

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