Weekend Visitors

I’ve had a lot of wonderful friends and family visit DC in the last couple weeks, which always gives me something to look forward to & plan for! I love making fun itineraries of a city that I know and love well – and sharing that city with friends and family that I adore.
Despite the rainy, rainy weather, I had such a fun time in the city when my friend Claire & my sister came to town! We decided to just make the weekend an eating tour of DC, since it poured the entire time. Not a bad choice, considering we all love good food & DC has plenty to offer! Restaurant highlights: Clare and Don’s Beach Shack, Georgetown Cupcakes, Pizzeria Paradiso, & Bayou Bakery
We also embarked upon a Cherry Blossom Boat Cruise on the Potomac River, which was a bit… lackluster! We bought tickets ahead of time, not realizing that it would be rainy, foggy, cold, and without a single cherry blossom. But we enjoyed being on the water, seeing the city, and spending time together.
The same weekend, my mom’s best friend (Nancy) & her daughter (Karen) came into town for Nancy’s birthday celebration – Nancy & Karen are lifelong (literally!) friends of ours and are more like family to us. We met up with them for an afternoon at Port City Brewery. We’re all beer lovers (well, maybe not Bridgette!), and it’s fun to take some beer aficionados to a local brewery that I frequent. And then we thoroughly celebrated Nancy’s birthday at Overwood in Old Town Alexandria with her sisters, plus a serious feast of delicious food and drinks!
I just love when friends and family come into town for the weekend… who’s next?!

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