Opera | The Elixir of Love

This past week, my friends and I went to the Kennedy Center for an opera, The Elixir of Love by Gaetano Donizetti! I don’t recall ever having been to an opera before (I’ve been to countless shows, Broadway shows, and ballets!), so it was fun to experience something so new to me. What an exquisite, fun performance and experience it was! The Kennedy Center always takes my breath away with its awe and grandeur, and that night was no different. The four of us had seats in the fourth row on the side, and we settled in for the opera. The Elixir of Love is an Italian opera; completely sung in Italian – but there were English subtitles to make it easy to follow along.
I won’t give away too much of the plot and love story, but the opera took place in an Italian town. There was a love triangle and a ‘magic’ love potion to make things really interesting! The singing was divine, and the acting and costumes were really wonderful. I know we all loved the opera, and the standing ovation at the end was further proof of the show’s excellence!

If you get a chance, I would highly recommend going to an opera – I just loved it! Any chance to see a beautiful opera, ballet, music or acting performance, or show should be taken – it brings me so much joy to see such incredible artistry! The Kennedy Center has long been one of my favorite venues in Washington, DC to see plays or shows, and the balcony views of the city are hard to beat, too. I’m thankful I have dear friends who love events like this as much as I do!
Also, how cute are we in our coordinating outfits?!
Do you have a favorite show or performance that you’ve seen? My very favorite was The Lion King on Broadway – a.ma.zing!

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