Mount Vernon Fall Harvest Festival

I really love the amount of history just a few miles down the road from me – it’s so fascinating how much of our country’s history is within arm’s reach. I know Washington, DC is our country’s capital, but it’s pretty cool if you really stop and think how much of the Revolutionary War (and surrounding era), Civil War, and present-day is in this area. Plus, I’ve always loved American History!

Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home, is here in Northern Virginia on the Potomac River. Our Founding Father sure had great taste (and a lot of wealth) when building his grand home and finding the ideal location to settle. Mount Vernon is just stunning (both the mansion and the accompanying ground), and I love spending a day strolling in and out of GW’s home and the land he owned.

Every autumn, Mount Vernon hosts a Fall Harvest Festival, which is included in your admission to the property. I have been to this festival a couple times in the past few years, and I love the added activities to your typical Mount Vernon tour. Plus, it was a gorgeous Fall day when we went! You could meet General Washington himself, roast apples over a fire, go on a hay ride, create your own corn husk dolls, navigate a hay bale maze, visit George Washington’s grave, and tour the house itself.

I could sit on George Washington’s back porch all day and just stare at the stunning views of the back lawn and the Potomac River! He truly picked a superb location when building Mount Vernon. If you visit, I’d also advise taking the boat tours up and down the Potomac River.

Day trips like this bring me such joy! I love being a tourist in my own city, exploring fascinating places, and soaking up these beautiful views. Plus, it’s always fun spending the day with such great friends.

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