Summer in DC: To Do

I’m well known in my group of friends for having ambitious to-do lists for each season in DC (as I once did for Chapel Hill, too!). I think my friends know to expect a lengthy, ambitious email from me at the start of each season every year (Christmas is its own season, of course!). Though I occasionally get teased for the amount of things I set out to do, I know my friends deeply, deeply appreciate this list – right?!

If you’re ever looking for fun, adventurous, DC-centric, budget-friendly, or just plain awesome things to do in and around our nation’s capitol, I have just the To-Do List for you!


What’s on your Summer Bucket List? Do you have any other suggestions for things to do in Washington, DC during the summertime?!

6 thoughts on “Summer in DC: To Do

  1. I love and appreciate your lists and being able to take part in so many fun DC activities with you!! It’s even more special when we get to do something together that is a DC first for both of us, Gravelly point what what!

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