One of my goals for this year is to actually learn calligraphy. I’ve always had good handwriting & also love writing in cursive, but I’m learning more and more that true calligraphy is an art. It’s not just pretty cursive! And it can be so, so beautiful.

I grew up seeing my grandma write beautiful calligraphy, but I never really appreciated it until fairly recently. Luckily, she is a wealth of information and has dozens upon dozens of calligraphy books and pens and other tools… which she has been happy to pass along to me! Thank you tons, Grandma!

Someday soon, I would really love to invest in an actual calligraphy class so that I really, really learn. Beautiful hand-lettering and calligraphy inspire me so much, and it’s a simple pleasure to surround yourself with such beauty. I like to experiment on envelopes when mailing friends and family cards, and I definitely did calligraphy on Bridgette’s two sets of bachelorette invitations!

hot pink calligraphy for Bridgette’s NYC bachelorette party!

My dear friends Maggie & Tony just got married in late June (congrats again, y’all!), and Maggie so kindly asked me to address all 150+ wedding invitations for their wedding! I was so thrilled to do this for them and honestly just so excited they entrusted this big task to me. I did preface this with that fact that I am no professional & my “calligraphy” at this point is really just pretty cursive with a fancy calligraphy pen!

Luckily, Maggie and Tony (and their moms!) were really pleased with the wedding invitations. I was, too.

My calligraphy station in the sunroom while doing wedding invitations

I’ve always wanted to do a friend’s wedding invitations, and I was so happy and humbled that Maggie took me up on my offer. It was fun to finally get to do this for someone, and I really enjoyed it, despite the many hours it takes. Friends, let me know if I can help you out!

One other hand-lettering project I did pretty recently was a Christmas present for Bridgette. She really adores maps of all types, and I was so inspired by Lindsay Letters to create this “Peace on Earth” canvas map for my sweet sister! It was so fun to calligraphy in paint on a map, and it really makes a statement. I love the phrasing “Peace on Earth,” and it’s not just something to display at Christmastime.

Here is my Pinterest Board of seriously inspiring calligraphy that I am loving!! Someday soon, I would love to be able to do this myself, and this gorgeous work is just stunning. My future wedding will be bursting with breathtaking lettering…

One thought on “Calligraphy

  1. I absolutely love love love your calligraphy and appreciation for beautiful lettering. Such a cool skill to be learning! You are so sweet to be willing to address your friend’s wedding invitations. I wouldn’t hesitate to have you do mine one day! 🙂

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