Here we go…

Here it goes… my first blog! I’ve wavered back and forth for years about whether I actually wanted to begin a blog (and what would I actually write about?!). And here I am!

Generally speaking, my blog will be filled with a smattering of things that inspire me & bring me joy, all while seeking to live a more joy-filled life. I want to focus on what matters the most. And I’d like to blog about bit and pieces of my daily life alongside things that really fire me up & truly inspire me!

Some current inspirations of mine include:

Springtime (despite the snow day today, I’m craving the beauty -and warmth- of Spring)

a wonderfully written book (be it my Book Club selection, a book of the Bible, or the next book from the library)

Southern Weddings (the magazine + company – I’m pretty sure that would be my dream job/life)

selfless, genuine, & hilarious friends and family (what is better than laughter and love?!)

looking through my Pinterest boards, where my current obsessions are visually detailed

time in the kitchen (a rare & treasured thing these days)

travel (wedding season is fast approaching!)

This short list does not even begin to encompass all the things that bring me joy, but I think it’s a good start for now!

One of my favorite verses that also happens to be my 2013 mantra:

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances”

My favorite place in the world - Santorini, Greece
My favorite place in the world – Santorini, Greece

4 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. Ahhh yay!!! I am so excited to read along as you share bits and pieces of your life, Steph! I’m always so inspired by you, so I know already how much I’ll love following your posts. Love you!

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