Our Wedding Cake on Martha Stewart Weddings

Any time I see images of our wedding -- or any wedding that I plan and design -- in unexpected places, I get so excited! I was so pleased and quite honored to see that the incomparable Martha Stewart Weddings featured our own wedding cake yesterday! It really never gets old seeing our wedding published … Continue reading Our Wedding Cake on Martha Stewart Weddings

Prioritizing Your Wedding Budget

The other day on Instagram, I asked if there were any particular wedding or wedding planning questions that anyone wanted me to tackle, and I'll kick things off with this one: how do you prioritize items/vendors with a strict wedding budget? And if you had to choose three things to prioritize and three things you … Continue reading Prioritizing Your Wedding Budget

Why You Need a Welcome Party

I have been planning several 2018 weddings lately, and the topic of welcome parties keeps coming up... which made me realize this would be such a great, informative topic for this blog! I always want to be a source of knowledge, inspiration, wisdom (as both a recent bride and a longtime wedding planner), encouragement, and … Continue reading Why You Need a Welcome Party