Wedding Gifts for Grooms | What I Gifted Rob

Rob and I exchanged wedding gifts on the eve of our wedding, after our rehearsal dinner and welcome party at The Angus Barn, a beloved Raleigh institution. We found a quiet corner of the venue, and this time together with just the two of us is one of my favorite memories of our entire wedding … Continue reading Wedding Gifts for Grooms | What I Gifted Rob

Southern Weddings V7

When I arrived home after work last week & checked my mail, it was like Christmas morning... on a random Wednesday in November! I was highly anticipating and eagerly awaiting the annual release of my all-time favorite magazine, Southern Weddings Volume 7 (V7). Goodness gracious, the mission behind this company and their exquisite magazine is near and … Continue reading Southern Weddings V7

Wedding | Certificate of Marriage

 Certificate of Marriage I wanted to share this gem with you today, in case you need inspiration for a wedding gift for a bride and groom! It's the middle of wedding season, so I know weddings are a'plenty these days. Southern Weddings, one of my favorite companies, recently debuted their Certificate of Marriage in the … Continue reading Wedding | Certificate of Marriage