Memorial Day Lake Weekend


I’m a little late, but I couldn’t forget to share about our wonderful Memorial Day weekend at White Lake in North Carolina! My brother-in-law’s family has a home right on the lake, and they invited us down for the weekend. It was so fun spending ample time with their family and mine, and it was such an amazing and gorgeous weekend.

We didn’t DO much, but it was practically perfect. I didn’t wear shoes from the time I arrived on Friday til I left again on Monday, and I barely changed out of my bathing suit. Now that’s the life! We rode on the boat several times (#happyplace), talked and drank margaritas and read magazines on the dock of the lake, lounged in rafts, played frisbee in the water, played cornhole, grilled plenty and ate endlessly, enjoyed the jet ski, celebrated my parents’ 34th wedding anniversary (!!!), played cornhole, made homemade ice cream and s’mores over the fire, celebrating Memorial Day, and watched some magical sunsets. It was a glorious, family-filled, restful, fun weekend filled with so many of my favorite things! I’m so grateful for time with my family & also with my sister’s in-laws!!

How’d you spend your Memorial weekend? Are you as big of a fan of the lake as I am?!

Happy Birthday, Bridgette!!

I got to surprise her a couple days ago for an early birthday dinner!

Today is my sister Bridgette’s birthday!!! In case you haven’t heard me sing her praises before, she is, hand’s down, the very best sister and friend in the entire world! I might be a little biased, but it’s absolutely true. Bridgette may be my little sister, but I look up to her so, so much and admire her so deeply. We really have been incredibly close our entire lives, being only two years apart, and I love that my sister is also my best friend. Bridgette makes me laugh like no one else, challenges and pushes me when I need it, brightens my day every single time, she loves and cares for others with all of her heart, she is faithful and faith-filled, she is bright, inquisitive, and wise, and she is so genuine and kind.

I love that we snuck into each others’ rooms growing up, that we went to UNC Chapel Hill together (and overlapped our time there for two years), and that we live “only” two years apart, at least for now. Having Bridgette just a couple hours away from me these last two years has been the biggest blessing, and I’m so grateful that she & her amazing hubby are just a quick drive away – as this is likely the closest that we’ll live to each other for quite some time. I couldn’t be more thankful that I get to call Bridgie my sister & my best friend (and, recently, my business adviser!). I love you so, so much, Bridgette! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, and I know the coming year is going to be an amazing whirlwind!!


Here is last year’s birthday post: 25 of my favorite things about Bridgette!