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I told you all about my addiction to Serial, and I’m hooked on podcasts! I haven’t listened to many podcasts in the last few months, but it seems like an opportune time to get back into listening to podcasts. I’ll be working from home now (no need to work in silence, right?!), and I’m also planning on going on more consistent runs (I’ve run three times in the last week already!). Podcasts seem like a productive way to multi-task, in a way. I want to find gripping or thought-provoking or faith-based or informative, entertaining podcasts to delve into!

I’ve reached out to a couple friends for their suggestions, and I’ve also had a few podcasts directly recommended to me in recent weeks. I compiled a short list to get me going, but I would LOVE additional recommendations or suggestions for your favorite podcasts. Please share!

Podcasts I’ll be checking out soon…

Mystery Show

Tim Keller sermons

This American Life

The Lively Show

TED Talks

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me

Ask Me Another

Now it’s your turn… what are you listening to + loving?