July 2017 Goals

photo by Faith Teasley from our Bald Head Island shoot

Happy July, y’all! The 4th of July is just around the corner (one of my all-time favorite holidays!), wedding season is in full swing, & summertime is oh so sweet! July 1st is also our three month anniversary… I simultaneously can’t believe it’s only been three months since we got married and sometimes can’t believe we’re actually married already! It’s a little crazy to think 2017 is officially halfway over, but I’m trying to soak it in + savor it all. Give me all the fresh peaches + berries, please!!

I traveled to Charleston (I planned Shelby and TJ’s wedding), Carolina Beach (day trip with Rob), Winston-Salem (one of my best friends had her baby!), and Charlotte (for Claire and Tony’s wedding) this past month, and July holds travels to Charlotte (Allison and Nasser’s wedding) and Ohio (our 4th of July tradition!), as well as two huge weddings I’m planning in Chapel Hill for Angela and Jason + Anna and Jeff! June was also filled with getting outside lots, pool time, grilling out/cookouts, a Durham Bulls game, fun times with friends, a really epic Vita Vite date night, hosting some dinner parties, and lots of baby snuggles, as three friends had babies this month! June, you were a great month.


  1. Travel to Ohio for the 4th of July and soak up quality time with my three grandparents, my sister and brother-in-law, and my extended family! We’ve been traveling to Ohio for the 4th of July my entire life, and it’s such a sweet time with family filled with so many traditions… though it’s bittersweet this year because it’s the first year without my precious grandma. She passed away a couple days after last year’s 4th of July trip, and I’m so, so, so thankful we ALL got to see her one last time – and that she got to meet Rob.
  2. Read three books.
  3. Play tennis weekly and take walks in the evening regularly.
  4. Cross a bunch of things off our summer bucket list (still on the top of our list: outdoor movie, outdoor concert, Whiskey Kitchen, kayak, and Fearrington Village)
  5. Get more involved at our church by signing up to serve regularly
  6. Really be intentional about the friendships and relationships in my life (sending snail mail, planning friend dates, little surprises, praying for friends)
  7. “He must become greater; I must become less.” – John 3:30


  1. Officially change my business name from Stephanie Scholl Events to Stephanie Shaul Events – I didn’t quite get to finalize this last month!
  2. Update my website, etc with my new business name.
  3. Create new content for the blog and for my business, as well as continue blogging three times a week.
  4. Execute two flawless weddings at the Carolina Inn and the Parlour at Manns Chapel for two of my amazing couples! (I’m also the florist for one of them!)
  5. Book two new 2018 weddings.
  6. Update and fine-tune my pricing guide for new inquiries.
  7. Celebrate two years of taking Stephanie Scholl Events full time!! (You can read more about my journey to taking wedding planning full time: Part One and Part Two)

I’d love to know – do you have any goals set for the month as July kicks off?! I can’t wait for the 4th of July celebrations, beginning today as we travel to Charlotte and then straight to Ohio!

Fall Trips to Ohio

All four of my grandparents live in Ohio, where my parents were raised (high school sweethearts!). For a vast majority of my life, I’ve always lived hundreds of miles from my grandparents, but I’m so grateful that I’m so close to them, regardless. I try to visit them as often as I can, which tends to be almost any time I have a three-day weekend from work. Ohio is about seven hours away from DC, and I cherish my trips to visit my dear grandparents (and other family & family friends in town, too!). I made the trek over Columbus Day weekend for a little visit, and I had the best time going back and forth between my grandparents’ home for visits. We always eat great meals & spend time just being together and catching up in person.

With my maternal grandparents, we spent one afternoon on a gorgeous drive around the country, stopping for bird watching and a walk through the woods. What a treasure this afternoon was! I learned so much about Ohio history, had some quiet one-on-one time with my grandma and grandpa, enjoyed the radiant trees, posed for some pictures my grandpa wanted to take of me on his original film camera, learned lots about local birds, and enjoyed the scenery all around us. My paternal grandma and I share a deep love of both books and calligraphy, so we always have plenty to keep us busy. She loves to pass along her calligraphy supplies to me (most of them 20+ years old but in perfect condition!), as well as her vintage ribbons! I love being able to share this gift with her, as I’ve learned so much from my grandma. She’s so encouraging and inspirational, and it is so special to use calligraphy supplies that she’s used for decades. What a treasure! We also always visit the local library (I’ve been visiting that library my entire life!), where they have an ongoing book sale. We love going through the books together and digging up treasures to take home. And my grandpa and I share a bond over Jesus Calling, a daily devotional that we both read daily. I love talking with him about what we’ve learned each day. I’ll always cherish the memories, traditions, conversations, and visits with my four incredible grandparents. They’re so full of wisdom, encouragement, and love, and I’m grateful each and every day for their presence in my life.

Though I visited Ohio in mid-October, I went back just a couple weeks later for a surprise trip! Long story short, my best friend since birth (literally!), Erica, is from Ohio and now lives in California with her husband – and she’s pregnant!! I hadn’t seen Erica since her beautiful wedding exactly two years ago, as visits to the East Coast are few and far between. I was having breakfast with Erica’s mom during my first Ohio visit, and she mentioned that Erica was visiting at the end of the month and wished I would be able to be there to see her. My parents and Erica’s whole family (who are our dearest, lifelong family friends) would be there for the reunion… and I knew I just couldn’t miss out! Especially since this was the only time I’d see Erica pregnant! So we decided that I’d come and surprise Erica during their reunion (and two year anniversary celebration). I let my parents and grandparents know that I’d be making the trek back to Ohio, and I was excited to see so many dear people so much in a three-week span. A 1,000 mile roundtrip road trip is nothing when it’s seeing your oldest friend for the first time in two years.. and sporting a baby bump! It was an incredible, slightly surreal evening surprising Erica and her husband, as well as seeing my ‘second family.’ I’m grateful for them and the countless memories we have together throughout our entire lives! Well worth a little extra driving time!!