Mastermind Group


It seems as if SO many people I’ve talked to recently are craving authentic community, especially in the creative industry. It’s been so refreshing lately to see people really connect, collaborate, and share knowledge + encouragement with one another, and I have the biggest heart for authentic community and real friendships. I have been astounded by the incredibly warm and welcoming wedding + creative industry in the Triangle since I moved here a few months ago, and it’s been so encouraging and has made all the difference. I am a huge proponent of finding like-minded, passionate, kind, encouraging, and supportive community – it can be revolutionary to you personally and professionally!

I have a couple different groups of creative women that meet monthly, and one of them is our Mastermind group. It’s hard to put into words how much this group has changed my life and my business, and I want to encourage everyone to find something similar, if you think it might be beneficial in your life! Rachel from Blue Barn Photography, Kaitlin from The School of Styling, Brianna from Raleigh Design House, and I are all close friends, and we also intentionally get together once a month to catch up on life, share our business praises and struggles over the past month, share our goals and hold each other accountable, share how the Lord is working in our businesses, ask questions and offer advice, encourage and pray for each other, and spur each other on. Our business accountability group is faith-based, too, which I adore. We are all creatives, though each of us works in a different field in the creative industry, and we each own our own business.

So many of the great things that have happened in my business have happened because these three ladies cheer me on, challenge me, hold me accountable, pray for me, and are the biggest supporters and friends. We share what’s going well, as well as the things that we are clueless about, scared of, struggling with, or need advice on. I love that we each have various strengths and weaknesses & can openly share with each other. These hours together each month are a definite highlight, and I hope every person has – or can find – something similar. This Mastermind group is such a blessing, and I hope I can encourage you to find something similar, no matter what it looks like. Community is absolutely necessary, and it can make a world of difference in your personal life, as well as your business!


I am so grateful for you ladies & proud of who you are!!