Preserving my Bridal Bouquet


A couple months ago, I talked about saving my bridal bouquet. Today I’m back for a quick update and my solution! This glass box is super special to me, as it now houses the dried flowers from my bridal bouquet, along with the lace from my mom’s wedding dress that I tied around my bouquet. Ever since our wedding in April, I’ve been drying and saving the flowers and greenery from my picture-perfect bouquet. And now I found the perfect keepsake glass and gold box to store them in forever, much like my mom did with her bridal bouquet 36 years ago!

I adore having such a special memento and keepsake from our wedding, and it’s a simple yet effective solution. So many shops have a glass and gold box like this one, but I miraculously found this one at Homegoods in the clearance section for $7! Every day, I love being able to see the individual blooms, petals, and greenery from my stunning bridal bouquet. Sometimes the most simple solution ends up being the best, and I know I’ll treasure this forever!

Wedding Gifts for Grooms | What I Gifted Rob

Photo by Ally and Bobby, Planning by Stephanie Scholl Events

Rob and I exchanged wedding gifts on the eve of our wedding, after our rehearsal dinner and welcome party at The Angus Barn, a beloved Raleigh institution. We found a quiet corner of the venue, and this time together with just the two of us is one of my favorite memories of our entire wedding weekend! After a busy day with all of our family and friends gathered to celebrate us, it was so special to carve out a little time together to pray, anticipate our wedding the next day, and just be together, alone. I know I cried happy tears more than once, and we could not stop beaming during this time together!

Throughout our engagement, I had been secretly writing in the Southern Weddings Wedding Day Journal, and this was part of my wedding gift to Rob. I’d been chronicling our engagement and wedding planning journey, as well as writing and reflecting on all of our most vivid memories together, our favorite dates, when I knew he was the one, and so much more. It’s been so special to read through this journal together and to continue writing in it now that our wedding has come and gone. In addition to the wedding journal, I gifted Rob a framed print that I made for him of all of our special dates to hang in our bedroom (when we met, when we became official, when we said “I love you,” our engagement date, and our wedding date). I wanted to give him something tangible that we could hang in our home. I also gave Rob a pair of cuff links with an “S” on them, which were passed down from my maternal grandparents. My parents gave these heirloom cuff links to me last summer right after my grandma passed away and when they knew that Rob was the one. My mom’s maiden name began with an “S,” and our last name begins with an “S,” as well, so it was only fitting that Rob become the next owner of this treasured family heirloom, and it’s so special that we have them!

I loved contributing to a Southern Weddings blog post on wedding day gifts for grooms, so hop on over to their website to read even more suggestions for gift ideas! There are some really creative, special, and meaningful ideas in their post, which is a great resource for brides-to-be.

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