Bride Spotlight: Sheila


Happy, happy wedding week to Sheila and Mike!!! I have to say, I have been anticipating the wedding of Sheila and Mike for over 1.5 years now, and I can’t believe their wedding week is actually here!! From the moment Sheila inquired with me, I was instantly excited to work with them, and the last year and a half have been nothing but fun as we’ve planned and designed the wedding of their dreams! I truly believe weddings should be a sincere reflection of each couple and that you should have a wedding that is reflective of the two of you, your interests, your style, and what you love most. Sheila and Mike’s wedding will be the most fun, meaningful mix of a Catholic ceremony and a Persian ceremony (sofreh aghd) with a traditional (fun!) American wedding reception — so you can bet that the details and the entire day are going to be utterly phenomenal, so meaningful to these two, and such a sweet celebration of their love with their nearest and dearest family and friends.

It has been so fun to get to know Sheila and Mike over the past year, to learn more about these two, and to witness their love for one another. You can bet that so many of their favorite things to do together will also be a part of their wedding! As much as I want to divulge all of the bespoke details and design right now, I’m going to try to wait til after their wedding so that their guests can fully enjoy everything. With a stunning palette of dusty blues, burgundy, gold, and organic greenery, it’s going to be so beautiful in every way.

Sheila and Mike, your wedding week is officially here, and I hope you feel nothing but an abundance of love, peace, and joy as you two are married and are celebrated with such deep joy and excitement! I know these two are so, so very excited to tie the knot and celebrate with their family and friends in Raleigh! It’s hard to put into words just how special Sheila, Mike, and their families are and how utterly thrilled I am for them to be married this weekend… and to bring their dream wedding day to life with so many exceptional vendors!


  1.   Tell us a little bit about you and your fiancé, Mike.

Mike and I met through mutual friends the summer before our senior year at NC State! There was a lot up in the air, so I wasn’t necessarily looking for a relationship at the time. After a few months of cat and mouse, we finally went on our first date on December 3, 2013 to an empanada place in downtown Raleigh where Mike suggested we try a tequila flight. This was the first time I had ever pretended to like tequila (haha!). From then on, we were inseparable! Our friends began seeing us as one entity and now almost six years later, we’re finally getting married! YAY!


  1. What are you most excited for about your wedding day? Do you have a moment of your wedding day that you’re most anticipating?

I am beyond excited to see everyone, family and friends, from all walks of our life there in one room celebrating us, how special is that! I also think walking into the church to meet Mike at the end of the aisle will be my most favorite and surreal moment of the whole day. Fingers crossed I don’t ugly cry haha! Oh, and when they finally announce us as husband and wife!


  1. What was your biggest inspiration for your wedding design?

Having the ceremony at the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Cathedral really set the tone for the rest of the design for our wedding. The Catholic Cathedral is so beautiful and grand that we wanted to carry that over into our venue, hence why we choose The State Club (and it doesn’t hurt that it is on NC State’s campus). We wanted something that was very “us” but for the center of celebrations to be around our love and the ceremony. We picked colors that would be complimentary for that time of year but were still soft and not over powering. I cannot wait to see our whole vision come to life!


  1. Are you doing a first look or saving it for walking down the aisle?

Mike and I are not doing a first look. We have always wanted to save the first look for the first moment when those church doors open! And a 2pm ceremony doesn’t allow for much time to include a first look.


  1. Describe your style in one word.



  1. What’s your favorite way to relax and unwind?

Honestly, my favorite way to relax is ordering hibachi and camping out in my comfiest pair of PJs on the couch. I can be very social but am moreso such a homebody! Spending time with Mike watching our favorite show (currently watching Stranger Things) or a movie would be my ideal way to unwind!


  1. What is something you’re passionate about? What are some things you and Mike love to do together?

TRAVEL! I love seeing the world and experiencing new foods and cultures! We haven’t been able to travel as much as we would like since Mike has been busy getting his PhD but now that he is finished, we plan on traveling the world! First stop will be our honeymoon to Peru!! Oh, and also anything NC State related, football, basketball, you name it!


  1. What has been the biggest surprise in the wedding planning process?

Omgsh all the details and decision making, I feel like it never ends! I tend to consider myself pretty detail-oriented but hate making decisions and always second guess everything. The amount of decisions we have had to make over the past two years of our engagement has been overwhelming so we are very excited our day is, finally, almost here!


  1. What is your favorite part of your wedding design?

All of it! Everything single part of our wedding design is going to be so beautiful and I cannot wait to see how Stephanie transforms our vision on October 26th!


  1. What is your favorite thing about Mike?

Mike is the kindest human being on this earth. He seeks out being kind in almost every situation he is in. He is also the funniest person I know and knows exactly what to say/do to get me laughing until my belly hurts! I cannot wait for a lifetime of belly laughs with him!


Stay tuned this weekend for sneak peeks from Sheila and Mike’s epic wedding, and you can see plenty of behind the scenes on my Instagram as we celebrate the marriage of these two!

gorgeous engagement session by Chelsea Allegra

Bride Spotlight: Amy


Amy and Joel are getting married so soon, and I am over the moon excited for them!! I have been looking forward to this day for over ten years now, actually — Amy is one of my dearest friends from college, and knowing that she is mere days away from marrying the love of her life makes me so incredibly happy for them! Amy and I have been close for many, many years, and Rob and I even attribute us meeting to Amy, so you know she’s someone amazing in every way.

I know how excited Amy and Joel are for their wedding day to be here and to become husband and wife. It’s been so special to not only celebrate Amy and Joel as friends but to also be intimately involved in their wedding planning. Getting to talk with Amy almost every day since they’ve been engaged has been so sweet for me (though I’m sure she’s more than ready to wrap up wedding planning!), and I love getting to know them as a couple more and more. Amy and Joel are such steadfast, thoughtful, wise, and giving people, and they bring out the very best in one another. I love getting to witness a love like theirs, and it brings me the deepest joy knowing that we’ll get to be a part of their ceremony and vows to one another, celebrate such a joyful occasion with their beloved family and friends, and kick off married life for Amy and Joel in such a beautiful, marvelous, romantic way! It’s going to be so special, meaningful, gorgeous, and oh so remarkable in every way for two people who were clearly made for one another.

Amy and Joel, your wedding week is finally HERE, and I hope you feel nothing but an abundance of love, peace, and joy as you two are married and are celebrated with such happiness!

I’m so excited to share Amy’s bride spotlight with you today, where you can learn more about the two of them, their love story, and what they’re most excited about on their wedding day! Also, are they not the most attractive couple just bursting with joy?! Their love and happiness simply radiates in their engagement session by Erin Kranz Photography — swoon!!

EKP-AJ-engaged-371. Tell us a little bit about you and your fiance, Joel!

We met in the fall of 2016 on, and we both lived happy, busy lives before we met…but we quickly found that life is even better together!  We both share a love for good food, wine, exercise, and information/data (self-proclaimed nerds 😊).  Although we make the most of our time together, maintaining our separate activities and interests has been a large component of our success as a couple.  One of our goals for our marriage is to take at least one trip a year together…Napa and Hawaii are on our short list, and we will spend our honeymoon in St. Lucia.

2. What are you most excited for about your wedding day? Do you have a moment of your wedding day that you’re most anticipating?

Besides the obvious of marrying Joel – seeing everyone I love in one place, getting to enjoy the pay-off of our hard work and planning, and I’m excited about our cake from Whole Foods!

3. What was your biggest inspiration for your wedding design? 

I don’t know because Stephanie and my mom handled all of it for me, which was a godsend to this accountant whose design aptitude leaves much to be desired 😉.

4. Are you doing a first look or saving it for walking down the aisle? 
Saving it for the aisle, but I am doing a first look with my dad.  


5. Describe your style in one word. 



6. What’s your favorite way to relax and unwind? 

A massage or pedicure, a wine and dessert night in with girlfriends, snuggling on the couch with my sweet boy cat, Simba, and a favorite show or book.  



7. What is something you’re passionate about? What are some things you and Joel love to do together?

Joel is an avid runner, loves watching sports and is a history and nature buff (based on his Netflix history 😉).  I love to cook and volunteer at the Salud cooking school at Whole Foods.  Together, we both love day trips to wineries, Saturday night church, and eating awesome food in or out.
8. What has been the biggest surprise in the wedding planning process?
How kind and generous people have been in celebrating us – I already knew “our people” were kind and generous, but we have been overwhelmed by all the love! 

9. What is your favorite part of your wedding design? 
Combining all my favorite pastel colors (but the real answer is: Stephanie doing it all for me 😉).   

10. What is your favorite thing about Joel?

His kindness and stability.  From the beginning, our communication has always been strong, and much of that is attributable to Joel’s confidence and affirmation.  I always know he’s on my team, and I’m incredibly lucky to have him for life.

EKP-AJ-engaged-28Stayed tuned this weekend for lots of sneak peeks of their wedding on my Instagram! I already can’t wait to see it all come to life for Amy and Joel as we celebrate this joyous, gorgeous day!

all photos by Erin Kranz Photography

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